Jake’s Ride Michael J. Fox Internship Opportunity

Jake’s Ride and the Michael J. Fox Foundation would like to sponsor an internship opportunity for high school juniors and seniors.

Interested students should write a one page essay expressing why it is important for individuals and communities to  support a cause.

  • What does it do for the individual and the community as a whole?
  • What are the benefits to the cause and how can it change people’s lives?

The essay that best expresses the significance of supporting a cause will be invited to intern at the Michael J. Fox Foundation in NYC for two weeks.

(Dates for the internship are to be mutually decided.) In addition, the author of the essay will be asked to read it at Jake’s Ride on May 1, 2016.

Please submit your essay to essay@jakesride.org by April 1, 2016.

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