Jake’s Ride fundraising and awareness can be easy and fun while making the world a better place.  Fundraising also teaches children the rewards of giving back.  See below for ways you can help Jake and his fellow movement disorder warriors live a better life.  All proceeds are 100% tax deductible, funding movement disorder fellowships and dystonia/Parkinson’s overlap research.

Download in iTunes, Mission Possible link: https://itun.es/us/DU31B

Anya Parker-Lentz, Jake’s close friend since childhood, wrote and sang “Mission Possible” as a tribute to his battle against dystonia.  Available on iTunes, all proceeds from the sale of Anya’s song (written when she was just thirteen years of age) go towards dystonia and Parkinson’s disease research.   According to Anya, Jake’s “life is a mission possible.”  Download the song and spread Anya’s inspirational message.

Support our battle against dystonia and Parkinson’s disease as we ride for a cure.  Advertise Jake’s Ride in your community by brightly painting an old bike and displaying it proudly in front of your home or business.


Fundraising wristbands are a simple and effective way to raise money for and awareness of Jake’s Ride.  Wristbands are a terrific conversation starter to talk about The Ride and to encourage people to ride, volunteer, or donate.  100% of all wristband proceeds go to dystonia and Parkinson’s disease research.  Wristbands cost $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00, collect both colors!

  • Register for Jake’s Ride and make a team. Ask other Team members to help sell wristbands.
  • Set up a table to sell wristbands at a local sports event and make signs or paint an old bike a bight color. This will help bring attention to Jake’s Ride for Dystonia & Parkinson’s Research.
  • Ask if your religious school would allow you to speak about Jake’s Ride and ask other kids to join your team and help fundraise.
  • Ask local restaurants and stores to help sell Jake’s Ride wristbands.

To get started fundraising with Jake’s Ride wristbands email Nancy Silverman at contact@jakesride.org


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Fundraising in a Box is a profitable, fast, simple, and affordable way to raise much needed research dollars for dystonia and Parkinson’s disease.  It’s a delicious way to help Jake and his fellow movement disorder warriors.

Contact Nancy Silverman at contact@jakesride.org to find out if this easy fundraiser is available in your area.


Fire up the griddles and bring out your school or community for a Pancake’s for Dystonia & Parkinson’s breakfast in support of Jake’s Ride.  Click the link below for tips and tricks on how to get started:


Appeal letters are an efficient and effective way to garner support for Jake’s Ride.  Email the adult or child samples letters below to  your contacts quickly and easily.  One click of your “send” button has the potential to raise Jake’s Ride awareness and research dollars, plus sign up volunteers and sponsors in your effort to help Jake and his fellow movement disorder warriors.


In recent years, many synagogues and families have begun asking bar/bat mitzvah candidates to do “tzedakah (social action) projects” as part of their bar/bat mitzvah preparations. This requirement teaches these teens that the mitzvah (commandments) to which they will be obligated involve not only Jewish ritual but also social action.

Volunteering for Jake’s Ride – raising money, helping at the event – fulfills this project in a fun way.

Please contact us at contact@jakesride.org for Mitzvah project ideas.



Make Jake’s Ride part of your Communion or Confirmation Sacrament. The term “communion” means “a shared or mutual participation.”  It comes from the word “community.” In communion, you can see there is a shared or a mutual participation of the redeemed community; therefore, it is called communion. Partner with your religious school in organizing a Jake’s Ride fundraiser.

Please contact us at contact@jakesride.org for Communion and Confirmation project ideas.

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