The Jake’s Ride Committee is made up of dedicated individuals that bring amazing ideas and energy to this event.  Without their help all of this could not be possible.  This committee is one big family and is making a difference in the lives of those living with dystonia and Parkinson’s disease.

Dan Baer

Beth Bressler

Sarah Bressler

Mike Dana

Amanda DiStefano

Danny DiStefano

Gregg Khodorov

Liz Khodorov

David Gardner

Jason Kaplan

Frank Langendorff

Jon Levison

Nancy Mulhearn

Susan Okrent

Russ Okrent

Fred Orlan

Laurie Palomaki

Joanna Parker-Lentz

Chris Parker-Lentz

Beth Pfeil

Ron Portnoi

Cary Repka

Suzie Ritchie

Jonathan Rubinstein

Ross Silver

Cindy Scharf

Tobin Seletsky

Jake Silverman

Jeff Silverman

Nancy Silverman

Ethan Stupp

Josh Tarnow


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