Sunday, May 1, 2016 | 8:30am-11am | Hartshorn Elementary School, 400 Hartshorn Dr, Short Hills, NJ

Walk 1 mile or ride 1, 5, 10, or 20 miles.

Rain or Shine



Jake’s Ride began in 2008 when a community decided to come together to support a local family. Jake Silverman had recently been diagnosed with early onset dystonia at the age of ten. Closely related to Parkinson’s disease, dystonia is an incurable neurological movement disorder that causes uncontrollable, painful spasms, in one or more parts of the body. David Gardner, a neighbor approached the Silvermans with the idea for a bike ride fundraiser to raise both awareness and dollars in their battle against dystonia.

David’s idea has flourished into one of the largest grass-root fundraisers against movement disorders. The Jake’s Ride committee and The Michael J. Fox Foundation team up to produce a seamless family-oriented event in Short Hills, New Jersey. Thousands of friends and neighbors join together as a united community to ride for a cure.

Since this Ride against dystonia and Parkinson’s disease began, donations have exceeded $2.5 million, funding twenty-three medical research grants and six fellowships. While also raising awareness for these movement disorders, a generation of young people were taught the power and rewards of giving back.

You have limitless options for directing your charitable giving, and words cannot express the appreciation felt for helping Jake and his fellow warriors. Jake’s Ride seeks to increase awareness of dystonia and Parkinson’s disease, to raise funds for medical research and patient treatment, and to ultimately find cures for these disorders.



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